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CWind Training

Wind turbine training and offshore specialisations

Your global wind turbine training provider for offshore occupations.

We have over 10 years’ experience in delivering high-quality offshore wind training to professionals across the world, helping them to identify and navigate safety hazards, and effectively preparing them for day-to-day activities on site.

We know that the work our trainees go on to do is vitally important to the safe and efficient running of the world’s green energy supply – and we’re proud to be their first step on that journey.

CWind Training has a proven track record of recruiting and training the very best of the offshore industry. We exist to produce the next generation of offshore experts. And as technology and legislation advances, our regular refresher training ensures that individuals are always up to date with the very latest safety protocols.

Our extensive range of bespoke, GWO accredited wind turbine training courses and offshore refreshers are designed to offer extensive technical experience – both in the practical and theoretical elements. CWind Training aims to help you build a safer, well-prepared and more productive workforce, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of injury.

Why choose CWind Training for offshore & wind turbine training?

GWO accredited courses

Year-round course availability

State of the art facilities

World-class instructors

Offshore wind personnel work in challenging environments, where being able to understand, and safely and effectively implement, operational procedures is critical.

To ensure success, wind turbine training needs to be specific, simulate actual conditions, and be delivered by experts with real-world industry experience.

CWind Training is a one-stop-shop offering a range of industry-standard and bespoke GWO accredited offshore wind training courses from basic safety to advanced up-skilling programmes for specialists.

We create the most realistic wind energy experience possible, short of actually stepping onto an offshore installation. Through CWind Training, we deliver high-quality courses – developed in partnership with a diverse range of facility owners, managers and course content providers – to our own technicians as well as for others across the industry.


“Our 18m wind turbine training tower, environmental sea survival area and high-quality equipment amount to some of the best offshore wind training facilities anywhere in the world. Delivered by our expert instructors, our courses provide excellent preparation for real-life situations.”

Simon McLauchlan | Head of Training, CWind Training

Developing a more productive workforce through in-depth GWO and bespoke offshore wind training

CWind Training has been operating since 2009. All our instructors have extensive technical experience in wind farm training, safety and a wealth of knowledge, providing support to owners and operators looking for a guaranteed, high-quality training experience for their teams.

Our bespoke, state-of-the-art training facilities are equipped to deliver training from basic to advanced level. And with our mobile operational capabilities, we are able to provide courses to suit the specific, changing needs of the industry.

GWO approved for the offshore industry

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) represents the interests of a group of leading WTG OEMs and it is mandatory to have completed their safety training course to work in any of their turbines offshore in any capacity. These courses teach trainees to understand and reduce risks associated with safety hazards within the wind turbine industry.

As the first UK based and owned training provider to be accredited by GWO, back in 2012, we have a proven track record of success training thousands of students through our offshore wind training courses.

At CWind Training, we offer a wide variety of GWO-approved offshore wind training courses, covering all areas from basic safety to first aid and fire awareness.


Simon McLauchlan

Head of Training

Simon McLauchlan

Head of Training

Terri Precious

Lead Instructor

Terri Precious

Lead Instructor

Sally Birkinshaw


Sally Birkinshaw



What is wind turbine training?

We provide a full training suite for the offshore wind industry – helping those that work on wind turbines to advance their skills and recognise hazards, creating a more professional and safe environment. We cover everything from basic first aid and working at height training to more advanced courses that support industry professionals throughout their careers.


How much does offshore wind training cost?

The exact price of each course differs depending on complexity and duration. To see a full price list, go into the individual course page that you’re interested in and it will be listed there.

Does CWind Training offer bespoke courses?

Yes. The majority of the courses list on our course page have set dates, times and locations, but if you’re interested in exploring more bespoke models, speak to a member of our team about your requirements.


Where does wind turbine training take place?

Our GWO-accredited courses are only run from our state-of-the-art Grimsby facility. However, have numerous mobile options that allow us to provide some more bespoke training off-site. Check out the course pages to find a training program that fits your needs.