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Key offshore wind players sign loI for GWO training centre in Taiwan

Thursday 29th March 2018

Our Joint Venture company, CWind Taiwan, signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with key industry players at the Taiwan-Europe Wind Energy Summit held in Taiwan on 15th March 2018. Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), China Steel Corporation (CSC), China Ship Building Corporation (CSBC) and Swancor also co-signed the LoI for the joint venture, Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation (TIWTC). The companies declared to cultivate and develop offshore wind power personnel in Taiwan.

Under the witness of domestic and foreign guests from industry, government, education and research, TIPC President Tien-Kuei Kuo, Taipower President Bin-Li Chung, CWind Taiwan President MING-GE TSAI, CSC Executive Vice President Shi-Chin Wang, CSBC President Kuo-Cheng Tseng and Swancor Chairman Robert Tsai signed the LoI. The joint venture’s purpose is to build a GWO wind energy training centre, delivering training in accordance with international regulations, and providing courses to domestic and international wind power industry personnel. The construction of the training centre will commence in July 2018, and will be located at Taichung Harbor, Taiwan.

This will be the first time that Taiwan will have a training centre that meets international offshore wind energy regulations. In response to the urgent needs of the industry’s basic safety training, TIPC, actively leads the domestic offshore wind supply chain to form a consortium for local talent cultivation including, but not limited to, GWO training.

It is expected that the training centre will begin its trial operation in January 2019. With the commitment to local technician development, basic safety training courses will be provided. The training centre plans to extend the future service offering to include basic technical training, helicopter underwater escape training, and other bespoke training courses targeted at the offshore wind industry in Taiwan.

CWind, operates two UK-based training centres through its affiliate Company National Wind Farm Training Centres (NWFTC); Taipower, is the biggest domestic electricity supplier and one of the offshore wind farm developers; CSC, leader of Wind Team; CSBC, leader of Marine Team, and Swancor, being the Taiwan domestic wind farm pioneer.